Shara Vallée

She’s bright, bubbly and what a voice! Shara Vallee burst on to the music scene in her native country, Anguilla, West Indies in 2012. Although she did some formal voice training in her teens, she never thought that a career in music would be possible, especially coming from such a tiny island. After seeing her cousin take the stage at a local event in late 2011, she decided to take a shot at her dreams.
In the years to follow she has released hit singles in the soca, zouk and r&b genres, as well as deliver killer performances at clubs and larger arenas on Anguilla. Thirsty for more, Shara started to experiment with two of her other favorite genres, Island Pop and EDM. 
Her silky yet powerful vocals translate well in several genres, but stand out on EDM, soca, afrobeat and pop tracks. In her own words “I love upbeat music, nobody wants to feel sad. So if my songs can help you get through your day or light your party on fire, I’m more than happy.”
Besides her distinct Anguillian accent, it is not hard to tell that she is a Caribbean girl at heart. Her distinct flare and energy meshed with musical influences make her style eclectic yet addictive to listeners. Her distinct Caribbean twist on dance music is quite unique. Although she prides herself in sounding a bit different, her dream is to collaborate with some of her favorite producers and artists including Marshmellow, David Guetta, Calvin Harris, Akon and Ellie Golding. “I absolutely love it when artists from different worlds collaborate and come out with a winning song. I am definitely not afraid of experimenting with my music.”
One of the hardest working artists in her region, she says her aim is to have her music in “everyone’s headphones and at all the big festivals.” Get ready world! Shara Vallee is here!