Shara Vallee exploded on to the music scene in her native Anguilla (British Caribbean) with hits in the Zouk and Soca genres.

Curious and thirsty for more, Shara started to experiment with several subgenres within EDM. Working with producers from the Caribbean and Europe, Shara has created an infectious blend of island rhythms, dance-pop synths and undeniable melodies.

In her own words, “I create feel good music. Plain and simple. Nobody wants to feel sad. If my songs get you through your day or light your party on fire, I’m more than happy.”

Shara’s influences range from the who’s who of Caribbean music to the reigning divas of dance-pop. This makes her style eclectic and definitely addictive. Her unique approach and island twist on dance-pop separates her sonically yet leaves those familiar with the genre yearning for more.

“I just want to make you move. That’s all!”- Shara Vallee



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